Ranked top 10 of favorite concert by the fans, Coldplay has finally come to Taiwan. We, Taiwanese fans have waited so long for their first ever visit to our country and we will be able to see their show right here without going abroad
The show has sold over 2 million tickets around the world!
COME and EXPERIENCE Coldplay live in Taiwan!





  Event Info


☑ Date: 12th  Apr, 2017 (WED) 
☑ Time: 19:00 Support act, 20:00 Show Time (We will announce the actual time on show day)
☑ Place: HSR Taoyuan Station Plaza
☑ Ticket Prices: NT$ 7800/6800/5800/4800/3800/2800/1800 (GA)
☑ Goes on Sale:
Citibank Taiwan Credit Card Customer Presale:2016/11/20 (10:00) - 2016/11/22 (17:00)
Live Nation Member Presale:2016/11/23 (10:00 – 17:00)
Public On Sale:2016/11/24 19:00


▶▶▶ 拓元購買注意事項:分享│拓元 tixCraft 搶票心得和常見問題 


  Admission Rules

1. Up to 4 tickets per order and per member.
2. Tickets will be available on Nov. 24, 2016 19:00.
3. Due to the copyright reasons, CAMERA, VIDEO or AUDIO recording are strictly NOT allowed in the concert. Any audiences who is found taking photos or bringing any prohibited materials into the venue will be taken into the process as follows:
  (1) Removing that recording equipment from the venue immediately by staff.
  (2) Deleting any photos, videos and audio files taken during the concert.
  (3) Selfie sticks, LED banners, folding stools, balloons, glowing swords, large-sized cheer supplies and chairs or any kind of height-adding device are NOT allowed.
4. All foods & beverages are NOT allowed. (Bottled water is allowed)
5. Your credit card will be charged after the order is confirmed and is non-cancellable.
6. In case of force majeure factors, the promoter reserves the right to change or alter the activity regulations. Changes will be posted on the official facebook page. (








  Notice for purchasing

1. Please login in with your facebook/google account before purchasing tickets. (Purchasing by Mobile Device is available)
2. Each order has the limit of up to 4 tickets. 
3. Any paid or unpaid ticket in your account for the quota of purchase. Unpaid tickets will be released after being deleting manually or after their payment deadline.
4. You can only choose selecting seats【By computer】.
5. All sold tickets are non-exchangeable. Intention for exchanging a ticket means to refund the ticket and to buy another.
6. Payment methods are 【Pay by Credit Card】 and 【Transfer by ATM Cards(registered by Taiwan bank)】.(Citibank Taiwan Credit Card Customer Presale only pay by Citibank Taiwan Credit Card.)
7. If choose【Pay by Credit Card】:
  (1) VISA, MASTER CARD, JCB are accepted for online payment.
  (2) American Express, Diners and UnionPay credit card are not acceptable.
  (3) An unpaid order will be cancelled and the corresponding seats will be release after the payment deadline.
8. If the order status appear to be 【刷卡失敗 failure】 and the order is booked before November 24, 19:30 the ticketing system will re-arrange the order to 【Transfer by ATM Cards(registered by Taiwan bank)】 before the new deadline. Unless you want to buy more tickets, please take a close look at your 【Order History】 when you try to book another new order and pay by credit card.
9. Transferring or depositing with no passbook at a bank counter directly is not acceptable.
10. Paying with a non-Cathay Bank ATM card or at a non-Cathay Bank ATM machine will be charged for an extra amount of NT$15.
11. Each order charges service fee NT$80.
12. Print the name on Smart Card Ticket:
  (1) Orders received on and before Dec 24th have already been delivered to Italy for production.
  (2) Orders received on and after Dec 25th will use transparent stickers as label for seats information.









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